How to include Advertisements into your IP.Board Forums

How to include Advertisements into your IP.Board Forums


This guide/tutorial will serve as a way for current/future Site Administrators from all over the internet that use IP.Board as their choice of software to use to earn a little bit more money. Please note that I only intent to help users who are willing to use this guide and place advertisements on their Forums.


First, to get start, visit [ Warning: This is an External Link]


After visiting the link provided above, you must sign in, using an existing Google Account (Gmail). If you do not have a Google Account, you will have to take the time to create one. Once you have signed in, please take the time to click Save Password. Depending on what browser you are using, different messages will appear wanting you to save your password. Internet Explorer will be located at the bottom of the page and Google Chrome will be located at the right-top corner of the browser.




After you have signed in, visit the link once again. This time you will be able to officially start the process of getting your Advertisements. Locate and click on the Get Started Now button. Once you have click the button, you will be redirected to a new page. Here you must fill out the Application Process.




After everything has been submitted to Google, you will be able to access to view how many view you have, what ads you have, and how many page views you have. Unfortunately, you will not have any page views as you have just recently made your Adsense account.  At the top of the page, you will see a notification that states that your application has been submitted and is awaiting approval.


You complete the Application Process, you must create ads and put them onto your Forums. To create ads, locate and click on “My Ads”. Here is will display what ads you currently have. Unfortunately, you will not have any ads has you have recently made your account with Adsense. Find New Ad Unit and click on it to create a new ad.  You will be asked to give the Name of the new Ad Unit, what dimensions you want the ad to be, and what the ad type is. Once you have filled out all this information, click on Save and Get Code.




You will be supplied a code that you must implement into your Forums. Please take the time to log into your Admin Control Panel on your Forums. [ Used as an Example]


Once you have logged into your Admin Control Panel, locate Look & Feel. Find the name of your current skin that is being used on your Forums. Click on your current skin. A large variety of Templates will display and you are able to edit the Forums in any way you choose. Click on Board Index, which is located belowGlobal Templates. A larger variety of templates will be displayed. Click on boardindexTemplate.




On the first line, before:

<if test="$this->settings['hoverDescriptions']='no'"></if>

Add the code supplied to you by Google Adsense. Once you have added it, you have the choice to center the Ad on at the top of the page. To center the Ad, use:

<center> CODE HERE </center>

You can scroll down to the bottom of boardindexTemplate to add the code to the bottom of your index page. Please use the last couple steps to have you. Once both codes have been added, you can click on Save, that is located at the top of the Templates. Make sure to look at your Forums. You will notice that large sections are empty and no ads appear. They will appear empty until Google Adsense has approved your application.

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