Download Plesk ISO Images today for Linux or Windows

Download Plesk ISO Images today for Linux or Windows.

Odin has created ISO images containing both an operating system and the Plesk software. These are intended to ease deployments for dedicated servers and hypervisor-based virtual machines.

To use these images, burn the ISO image to a disc (for dedicated servers) or mount the ISO image to a virtual drive (for virtual machines), and boot from this image.

Download ISO images

plesk-12.5-centos-7-x86_64.iso 15-Sep-2015 05:45 635M
plesk-12.5-centos-7-x86_64.iso.sha512 15-Sep-2015 06:26 161
plesk-12.5-ubuntu-14.04-amd64.iso 28-Sep-2015 05:20 582M
plesk-12.5-ubuntu-14.04-amd64.iso.sha512 28-Sep-2015 05:20 164
plesk-12.5-ubuntu-14.04-i386.iso 28-Sep-2015 05:21 555M
plesk-12.5-ubuntu-14.04-i386.iso.sha512 28-Sep-2015 05:21 163

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