iNews – a modern template news topics. Designed in a pleasant and interesting colors. The solid appearance fit well with contextual advertising units and unobtrusive teaser. Despite the fact that the main theme is selected news, this pattern can be attributed to the universal. For example, adding a picture to a substrate, can be safely put it on a gaming site. Home has several different types of short description. All flexibly configurable. The necessary blocks to easily add or remove. The full news and categories appears on the right sidebar, where the default output popular publication and the publication of the selected categories. The text itself is well decorated, read – a pleasure. Similar articles are made so as not to distract attention from the advertising placed next to. It should also be noted that the adaptation has been made to the last version of the template DLE 11.1, and for this reason the correct mapping to earlier versions is not guaranteed. We recommend that you upgrade your engine, and get site template for DataLife Engine. Fill it with colors and contrast the style and ease of usability that is what distinguishes this pattern from the others. The template also can be altered to suit your needs and taste.

Download iNes for DLE 11.1 Download from
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